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 BREAKTHROUGH awarded by the Rainbow List as the#1 best non-fiction memoir!

Author Matthew Lysiak interviewed on The Kelly File about his book Newtown An American Tragedy 


NEWTOWN Named by Examiner as one of the twelve most talked about books of 2013

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Editorial Reviews

“Lysiak balances perfectly the ordinarily wondrous lives of [those] who were murdered against their killer’s depravity. Lysiak is a master of texture, at selecting precise,individualizing details.” (Salon)

“Lysiak’s examination of our burgeoning mental-health crisis, and how poorly equipped our health care system is to handle the needs of those who suffer from mental health issues,[is] something of a welcome surprise.” (San Diego City Beat)

“Packed with beautiful vignettes about the victims and some remarkably intimate details.” (USA Today)

“The real message of Newtown is clear: it is up to America and each and every American to decide whether or not this is going to happen again.” (Bookreporter)

“Lysiak’s descriptions are spare and chilling but in no way gratuitous.” (Los Angeles Times)

“Well-written, compassionate, and informative.” (Books & Reviews)

“This harrowing book might be a reminder that the debate generated by the tragedy needs reviving.” (Kirkus Reviews)

“A comprehensive, moving account. . . . A chilling look at Lanza’s background and contributing factors. . . . Readers will be hard-pressed to deny the raw emotional gut-punch.” (Publishers Weekly)

“Although this is a difficult book to read, I recommend it highly for the very reason the author intended—to be better informed.” (Craig Daily Press)

“Newtown goes beyond the sensational news bytes we have become so accustomed to. . . . A vivid portrait of the remarkable heroism shown by those involved in the tragedy, and the sheer horror that occurred. . . .” (Coalition to Stop Gun Violence)

“Illuminating . . . nota tell-all. . . . The Newtown that Matthew Lysiak describes is my Newtown, a town that stuck together and continues to.” (5 Minutes for Books)